Tips from booth owners

Photo Booth Tips for our new members

Here are some tips we rounded up from our current members to new ones! 

"Have extra batteries and extension cords ready just in case."
- Andrew V.

"Learn your PhotoBooth before taking it out. Better to learn at home in case something goes wrong or needs tweaking.
Do a few free events in the beginning. This will help you test everything and allow you to come up with your own system for load-in, set up, etc., and also gets you and your booth in front of people for promotion."
- James C.

"Have your own internet. Update two days prior to the event."
- Lade W.

"Understand basic photography and lighting"
- Rohan R.

"Turn off the computer automatic updates. Always secure payment before the event
Don't forget to ask for customer reviews on whatever platform you push- I prefer google reviews"

- Dameon W.

" can’t stress enough is to learn your equipment. If you have a camera, learn the basics of operation for it. So very important. And like always, no question is too crazy out there to ask in here. You’ll get answers. We all started at the same place. The self-investment is well worth it in the long run!!" 
- Eddie G.

"Learn how to change the ink and paper on your printer or you’ll regret it the first time you have to do it at a gig. Learn how to print the pictures taken while you were changing the ink and paper. Lastly, Always have extra ink and paper with you."
- Eric B.

"Get in the habit of powering on and learning your machine regularly. The last thing you want to happen is waiting a few days before an event to prepare and you are experiencing challenges with the equipment - like hardware issues. You need time to correct the issue"
- Tiff V.

"Learn your machine. Practice taking printer paper and ribbon out of the printer. Free promotional events for family and friends."
- Donnie T.

"Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Always follow up with potential customers a minimum of 5 times. Studies show the average customer takes 5 contacts before making a decision. Be diligent."
- Geana H.

Any other tips you would like to share?
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