Prints are misaligned/ White line on either side of the print Fix

First Troubleshooting Method:

Take out the ink and paper and then put it back in. Then the printer will realign.

IMPORTANT: When putting in the paper roll make sure the paper spool ( The thing that holds the paper in place) is fully pushed in. if it starts moving side to side then it's not fully clamped in.


Second Troubleshooting Method:





IMPORTANT: The main thing is to adjust the fine adjustment and test different settings depending on the alignment side.

Horizontal: Negative is shift to left. Positive is shift to right

Vertical: Negative is shift down. Positive is shift up

Ink Bleed: Rarely have to change when using fine adjustment but if needed then increase it by small amounts to fully cover the white strips


Remember to always take care of your printer by removing the Media and throwing away the paper catcher scraps before and after every event!