How do I download Darkroom booth on my personal computer? / Can I use my license key to another computer?

Can I download Darkroom Booth on my MAC

The answer is "Yes and No"

Darkroom is meant for Windows OS.  For more info on Darkroom for MAC check the article below

Darkroom for Mac


Can I use my license code on another Computer / Booth

The answer is "NO"

The Darkroom Activation Code of your booth will only work to one computer specifically to your booth's computer. This cannot be used on another computer such as your personal computer.

How can I Edit Templates?

We recommend you do this on your personal computer using the trial version of Darkroom software. You can download it below. Once you have finished creating or editing your template you can just simply save it in a dongle hard drive and transfer it to your booth.






Darkroom 3 Trial Version



If you would like to create a template on a Windows computer and transfer it to your booth click HERE.